Nima group is a dynamic engineering firm which provides innovative modeling and design for complex industrial and commercial projects. In detail, we provide complete engineering, modeling, design, estimation, detailing, construction coordination, supervision of building and non-building structures, mechanical piping, HVAC, and expertise in other disciplines as well. We efficiently manage turnkey projects and provide complete engineering through our strategic alliances and in-house resource.

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World-class Design and Implementation

Nima Group utilizes a QFD team who provide all design parameters. The MBS team uses these input parameters in making structural models through better engineering approaches, physical perception of the problem, care in planning, analysis, and designs that meet codes, QFD, and ECD requirements. The ECD team helps to select materials that satisfy environmental, social, and economic constraints. During the design phase, our teams performs 3D modeling and interference studies with building and process facilities and proposed equipments to eliminate field reworks. This 3D modeling professional team creates a complex model for daily study, based on the progress of preliminary design phases concurrently for automated interference study with possible remedies for MBS, QFD and ECD team. The main purpose is to transfer information with possible solutions during the initial phase of complex industrial and commercial projects. In addition, our design team verifies installation conditions to simulate the design conditions at different phases of a project. Our case studies on 25 complex projects revealed that the completed projects with integrated methodology are found attractive and properly functional, meets the time schedule and budget with high quality end products, and satisfies customer requirements in a safer and friendlier environment. Nima Group selects a cross-functional team to improve the operation of a specific project to meet customer needs